Managing Director
Kelly-Jo (K-J) Cecile Pritchard


Trish Cecile-Pritchard

There is a lifetime of knowledge shared between the two of us when it comes to both the motor and transportation industry.  We have a plethora of experience that spans vastly differing sectors - from driving enormous HGVs, all the way to the other end of the spectrum of racing 1950’s classic cars.

We are proud members of too many clubs and charities to name that strive to support the motor industry, but one we feel particularly relevant given our background is the British Women Racing Drivers Club.  The BWRDC has been proudly supporting women in motorsport since 1962 through guidance, advice, mentoring, and above all else – friendship.  With over fifty years of history, their members compete for some of the most prestigious championships currently available to women.

Competing is certainly something that we are passionate about.  When we’re not hard at work, the two of us travel around the country to compete in Speed Hill Climbs and Sprints such as Shelshley Walsh, Prescott, Goodwood and Silverstone, to name just a few.  Trish competes in her trusty and terrifically handsome 1959 Austin Healey 3000, with K-J skillfully serving as designated pit crew while she continues her meticulous hunt for the perfect classic dream car.

Consistently caring and compassionate, sometimes a little feminine touch is exactly what you need for reassurance, and we can’t express enough just how much TLC your car will receive whilst under our watchful eye. 


Our directors are proud members of the British Women Racing Drivers Club (BWRDC), who have kindly endorsed Revs Transportation, and are an accolade to our shared commitment towards supporting women in motorsport.


Raffolux, the UK’s fastest growing luxury raffle site, also sponsors Revs Transportation.  With luxury and classic cars often appearing in their grandeur raffles – you ought to keep your eyes peeled for the next chance to win a shiny new addition to your garage, for the cost of just a couple of pounds!  10% of all Raffolux ticket sales go straight to a charity of your choice, which is just one of the many reasons we are particularly excited about this partnership.